Cold Weather Accessories Under $30 November 18 2014


1. AEO Geo Knit Loop Scarf $29.95

2. Merona Chevron Flip Top Gloves- Target $12.99

3. Zara Cat Hat $15.90

4. Old Navy Faux-Leather Gloves $17.94

5. Forever 21 Mixed Pattern Scarf $14.90

6. Forever 21 Bear Face Mittens $8.90

7. Old Navy Cable Knit Hat $14.94

It is already very cold for November, which means it's time to stop waiting around for warm weather to come back and time to restock on winter gear, winter gear you won't mind losing.We're always misplacing one glove, leaving a hat in a cab or losing a scarf at a bar -so why break the bank? The items above are some of our top finds for cold weather accessories under $30, that will keep you stylish all season and guilt free when something inevitably gets lost in the shuffle. Plus, these items would make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers.You're welcome.