The Jolly Club Mix- Vol. 3 April 06 2015

Happy music Monday! I hope everyone had a great Easter/Passover weekend. I for one ate much more sugar than is advisable for any adult. Anyone feeling the same? Ok, cool. Anyway, this week's mix is inspired by relaxing songs that help me stay calm and distracted from the sugar withdrawal my body is going through. I hope you enjoy the tunes! Listen + follow on Spotify here.


The Jolly Club Mix - Vol. 2 March 30 2015

Weeeeeeee! It's the start of another week. While Mondays are super rough, it's time for a fresh start and another mix to get you groovin' at your desk! I'm sure you guys heard the news last week that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction #RIPZAYN. So sad to see another boy band come apart at the seams. Over the years we've lost way too many. So this week's mix celebrates our favorite guy groups in dedication to Zayn. 

Follow/listen to the Spotify playlist here

Happy Taco Tuesday! March 24 2015

There have been a lot of Jolly Club food posts the past couple days, but I don't think I could let #TacoTuesday go by without sharing one of my favorite illustrations, of the Big Star taco truck. 

I've had many a great night at Big Star with family and friends and I'm always getting a craving for their Panza and Pastor tacos. For anyone visiting Chicago, it's worth a trip even if you just grab drinks outside on the patio and their awesome guacamole. While they don't take reservations, there is a walk up window if you're in a rush, but hoping to sample!



The Jolly Club Mix- Vol. 1 March 23 2015

Happy #MusicMonday! Sometimes it's hard to get back into the swing of things at the start of a new week, but nothing gets me more motivated than some good jams. So starting today....I'm going to share a #MondayMix that gets me feeling creative to take you through your week. Follow the first mix here, inspired by my fave 90's/early 2000's ladies.

Enjoy and look out for Mix Vol. 2 next week!


S'MORE COMING SOON! March 19 2015

Guess what?!?! More The Jolly Club cards and accessories are coming to our shop soon. Check back for previews and get excited!!

XO, The Jolly Club



You Get My Heart Racing! February 14 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoyed all the free printables this week + are putting them to good use to help spread the #jollylove today. The final printable is inspired by the Italian racing team, Jolly Club created in 1957. After finding their site recently, race cars seemed like the perfect theme for a #jollytine!

Download and print, here.

Instructions: Print doubled sided on 11x17 paper or cardstock.

XO, The Jolly Club

Happy Galentine's Day! February 13 2015 1 Comment


Happy Galentine's Day! It's day #6 of valentines printables and today's card is a bit of a flashback to the days of MASH, secret senders and FORTUNE TELLERS! Print on 11 x17 and you or your valentine can assemble! There is room to write a message on the bottom as well. 

Download + Print here. AND if you don't remember how to fold a fortune teller there's this: 



XO,The Jolly Club

Nuts About You! February 12 2015

Hooray! Valentine's Day is only two days away! Today is day #5 of free jollytine printables. 

Download + print here

INSTRUCTIONS: Print double-sided on 11x17 

XO, The Jolly Club

Ring, Ring, Valentine! February 11 2015

Since we are all so connected to our phones, we usually have everyone's number with us that we'd ever need. When's the last time you've memorized someone's number? Show that special someone you care and learn their digits. Now that's digital love. 

Download + print our day #4 valentine here.

INSTRUCTIONS: Print double-sided, 11x17. 

XO, The Jolly Club's a litte morning jam...go at your desk. 

We Pair Well Together, Valentine! February 10 2015

It's day #3 of free jollytine printables! Today's card can be downloaded and printed double sided just like the previous cards, BUT as an added fun element, punch a hole in the valentine to make this a fun gift tag! It is perfect to tie to a bottle of wine or bubbly for a festive BYOB date or Galentine's Day! Cheers!

Download + print here ! 

INSTRUCTIONS: print double sided on 11x17 paper

XO, The Jolly Club


Canoodle with Your Poodle! February 09 2015

Hooray! It's day #2 of our jollytines! Hope you're liking the cards so far. Check back tomorrow for another new one. Arf, arf!

Download and print here! Help spread the love by tagging us @TheJollyClub and by using #jollylove. 

XO, The Jolly Club

INSTRUCTIONS: print double sided on 11x17 paper or cardstock and cut apart




I Put My Hand Upon Your Chip... February 08 2015

Happy Valentine's week! In celebration, each day, there will be a new jollytine printable that you can download and share with friends and lovers! Our first, is inspired by the ever classic song "Da Dip" by Freak Nasty and the love of one of the best snack combos around. I think that's a sentiment anyone with a heart can get behind. The back of the cards include a spot for a message and our Valentine's hashtag. Mention @TheJollyClub in your instagrams and use our tag to help spread the #jollylove. 

Enjoy the "Da Dip" music video below and download our free printable here!

INSTRUCTIONS: print double sided on 11x17 paper or cardstock and cut apart

XO, The Jolly Club

Arf, Arf Valentine! January 26 2015



I've been working on a bunch of valentines ideas that are almost done! I will be sharing my favorites as free printables later this week, to help everyone play cupid and spread the love! 



1 Week Until Christmas! December 18 2014

One week until Christmas! Time to wind down from work and school and get into the spirit of the season! One of my favorite things to do is make sure I watch some of my favorite holiday movies leading up to the big day. One of the best, which I watch yearly on YouTube, is the 1987 A Muppet Family Christmas. It's just an hour long and the best thing about the version on YouTube (below) is that it is complete with original 1987 commercials too! They are hilarious (except for a Bill Cosby movie promotion....that's not as hilarious, currently.) 

If you haven't seen it already, give it a watch! It's got all the muppets, Sesame Street characters, Muppet Babies, and the Fraggles! Careful of the icy patch!




Cookies + Milk December 02 2014

 Having so much fun making patterns! This one is for the guy in the big red suit. For more pattern fun, follow @TheJollyClub on Instagram!




Happy Thanksgiving! November 27 2014

Gobble gobble! Hoping everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving with friends and family eating lots of mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey. What are you thankful for this year? #jollythanks

Cold Weather Accessories Under $30 November 18 2014


1. AEO Geo Knit Loop Scarf $29.95

2. Merona Chevron Flip Top Gloves- Target $12.99

3. Zara Cat Hat $15.90

4. Old Navy Faux-Leather Gloves $17.94

5. Forever 21 Mixed Pattern Scarf $14.90

6. Forever 21 Bear Face Mittens $8.90

7. Old Navy Cable Knit Hat $14.94

It is already very cold for November, which means it's time to stop waiting around for warm weather to come back and time to restock on winter gear, winter gear you won't mind losing.We're always misplacing one glove, leaving a hat in a cab or losing a scarf at a bar -so why break the bank? The items above are some of our top finds for cold weather accessories under $30, that will keep you stylish all season and guilt free when something inevitably gets lost in the shuffle. Plus, these items would make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers.You're welcome.

"The Waiting Game" w/ Anna Kendrick November 17 2014

Have you seen the new Kate Spade holiday commercial with Anna Kendrick? It's so cute and funny! After coming home from a holiday shopping spree, Kendrick finds herself locked out of her Manhattan brownstone and must keep herself occupied. We love all the patterns, colors and sparkles in the spot! Give it a watch!

The Nutcracker Card November 15 2014

It's hard for me to pick a favorite card because all of them were fun to make! However, the nutcracker card was especially fun because The Nutcracker Ballet is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Growing up, I performed in the Salt Creek Ballet rendition of The Nutcracker for 8 years! I played a toy, a bon bon, and was in the party scene where the nutcracker itself is first given to Clara by Drosselmeyer.

While it was a smaller show, each year they had American Ballet Theatre principles in the production in the leading roles of the nutcracker and sugar plum fairy. I listen to the soundtrack every year (and I think I can practically hum the entire thing if I tried). The score, composed by Tchaikovsky, is the perfect holiday music to work to because it gets you in the Christmas spirit, but is also incredibly relaxing. Give it a try and take a look at our nutcracker card!


TOMS for Target (and the #togethersweater) November 14 2014

The holidays are a great time to give back to people in need whether we partake in a clothing drive, volunteer at a soup kitchen or do something small to help a stranger. That's why we love the new TOMS for Target holiday line launching in stores this Sunday, November 16th. Not only do the pieces make great gifts, but donations will be made based on the purchase of an item in the collection.

"Every TOMS for Target apparel, accessory and home good purchase results in the donation of a blanket through the American Red Cross or Canadian Red Cross, or one week of meals through Feeding America or Food Banks Canada. And for every TOMS for Target pair of shoes sold, a pair will go to a child in need."

How awesome is that?!?

Additionally, as part of the promotion of this new line, Target created the #TogetherSweater. The TOMS themed "ugly Christmas sweater" has multiple holes so that you can wear the sweater with another person. There are also versions that can be worn by 4,6, 8 and 10 people. I know, we want one too! Unfortunately, the sweaters are not available for purchase, so let's make our own? Step 1: Teach Self to Sew....or just watch this video of people playing the Together Sweater game on Ellen until the emptiness of never owning a #togethersweater is filled. 

If you're starting to work through your shopping list take a look at the TOMS for Target collection to check an item off your list and help someone in need!


 Images Via: Target, Looklingerlove


We're so excited our store is open! Designing and writing the cards and gift tags was a long process, but so much fun (and the perfect excuse to start listening to Christmas music in July). We hope you enjoy all of our products!

Throughout the season we will also be posting gift ideas, DIY projects and fun ways to gear up for the holidays, right here on our blog, as well as sharing inspiration for wrapping paper, decorating and treats! So make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

XO, The Jolly Club